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This is a curriculum that I’ve developed over years of teaching in my studio and at workshops and fiddle camps. I selected this group of tunes based on their popularity in jam sessions and placed them in a sequence that supports a foundation of skills a musician uses towards gaining musical independence.

As you move through the curriculum, you’ll recognize bits of melodies or chord progressions you’ve already learned tucked inside new tunes, which will make the lessons feel familiar and fresh. You’ll learn patterns, forms, ear training, theory and good technique.

For All Levels

These lessons are set up for any learner at any level to be successful. If you’re coming to the site as a fiddler who wants to learn more about playing good back up and improvising, or a classical violinist who wants to learn how to play by ear and sound authentic, or a brand new beginner, start with the first tune! There will be a lesson within that tune that suits you.

I’ll reference previous tunes, techniques and progressions later on in the curriculum, so you won’t want to miss out by skipping around the site.

Download and Listen

There’s a play-along track for almost every tune on the site that I’d recommend you download for listening and practicing away from the world wide web. I always have an easier time learning a new tune if I’ve been listening to it non stop before I try to put my fingers on my fiddle. Listen in your car during your commute, while you cook dinner, go for a run, wherever you can. Sing along (even if there aren’t words!) and when you can sing the melody with out the recording, you can be sure you’ll have an easier time learning the tune during the lesson.

These tracks were recorded with my husband on guitar and our friend on bass. We made sure to play them how I taught them, and left a space or two in each tune or song for you to get a chance to play the melody or take a solo. You can practice playing back up while one of us is singing or playing lead. If the tempo is too fast at first, I’d recommend going to www.ronimusic.com and downloading the software application “The Amazing Slow Downer” and have fun jamming along at whatever speed is right for you.

Join the Community

JamWithLauren.com will also host my newsletter each month so we can keep in touch. I’ll let you know what’s going on in my studio in Maine, what I’m listening to and working on, some practice tips, and maybe a few inspirational thoughts to keep you motivated. It will also make sure you know where I’ll be during fiddle camp and festival season and my workshop schedule so we can hopefully jam in person as well as virtually!

Stay Tuned

We’ll also be adding more videos and features to the site as time goes by and JamWithLauren students work through the curriculum. So be on the look out for new tune and tricks, as well as ways of connecting with the growing JamWithLauren community.

Thank you for jamming with me!

Thank you for checking out Jam with Lauren!

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